Permanent Landscape Borders... durable, functional and less expensive.
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Creative Curbs by Lawn Appeal!
One of the most exciting advancements in the landscape border industry has been the invention of the "curbing machine". We are proud to offer the "Mowers Edge" extruded concrete landscape border.

There are many ways to border a landscape; steel edging, plastic edging, landscape timbers, brick, & concrete blocks. Although these have been popular for many years they all have their own drawbacks. Most will either rust, rot, break, or move when hit by mowers, attract bugs, and allow weeds to easily penetrate your landscape.

The "Mowers Edge" border is a continuous piece of concrete 5 or 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Since the border is one piece, weeds can not crawl over or under your border; this lets you spend less time weeding your beds. The border will never rust, rot, or deteriorate.

The clean look of the border will redefine any landscape project. The curb can be poured in a wide range of colors. The extruded border is available in "Mowers Edge" and square patterns. Since there are no forms in the process, the cost of the border is less than a standard brick flower bed.

Commercial or Residential... the applications are endless!

Save Time Edging, Weeding and Trimming

It Circles...
Creates circles down to a 36-inch radius without froms. All possible with our unique extrusion process.

It Curves...
Endless design capabilites are available in creating contemporary landscaping for residential or commercial applications.

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  • Attractive concrete landscape border will not rot, rust or discolor like wood, metal, plastic or bender board.

  • Easy maintenance. An effective root barrier that saves hours of weeding and edging. Mower strip allows trimming to the grass edge while mowing.

  • Design flexibility enables curves, turns and contours. Stamping patterns and exposed aggregate. Installed without disturbing existing landscaping.

  • Unique process allows installation to be fast, clean and less expensive than traditional methods.

  • Creates a neat, professionally designed appearance.

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